Delft Data Science

Delft Data Science (DDS) is TU Delft’s coordinating initiative for research, education and training in data science and technology.

The amount and complexity of data produced in science, business, and everyday human activity are increasing at staggering rates. It is harder than ever to identify and capture true insights from this data deluge. Big data alone is just a commodity. It is data science that converts big data into knowledge, value and impact.

The DDS initiative was launched because we believe that only a multi-disciplinary approach can tackle the specific and complex scientific challenges in data science. Moreover, DDS offers a great opportunity to contribute to the development of new technologies for big data processing and analytics because of TU Delft’s research focus on engineering and technology.

In DDS, research into fundamental areas of data science is combined with experimentation and valorisation in several socio-economic domains. Since these domains are often connected to TU Delft initiatives and institutes, top scientists with different backgrounds and expertise are working together in DDS to address significant scientific and societal challenges.

In close collaboration with stakeholders in various domains, DDS will supply research-based solutions. DDS will also play a unique role in bridging the gap between development and actual implementation of these new technologies.



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